Unique combination of efficacy, safety and time-efficiency in cervical preparation

Thanks to the patented hydrogel AQUACRYL®, DILAPAN-S® ensures atraumatic and time-predictable dilation of the cervix. For instrumentations, that require dilation under 6mm, the time of insertion of 1 piece dilator is shorter than 2 hours.

Proven efficacy and safety prior to the termination of pregnancy

"After 14 weeks of gestation, osmotic dilators provide superior dilatation to medical methods (grade B)" 

Royal Colleqe of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Evidence-based Clinical Guideline, No 7, 2011

"Osmotic dilators are safe and effective for preoperative cervical preparation prior to Dilation&Evacuation procedure (level A)"

Society of Family Planning: Clinical Guidelines, 2007

“Of all the available osmotic cervical dilators, DILAPAN-S® achieves the greatest cervical dilation in the shortest timeframe. For same day procedures, DILAPAN-S® is preferable to laminaria.”

Society of Family Planning: Clinical Guidelines, 2007

Comparison of efficacy of DILAPAN-S® and laminarias:

In comparison to natural laminarias, DILAPAN-S® is evaluated as the product with higher efficacy. Homogenous, non-porous synthetic material and certified production process, that includes sterilization by gamma irradiation, minimizes the risk of infectious complications.

Dosažení požadované dilatace děložního hrdla před umělým ukončením těhotenství v 17.-22. týdnu gravidity

Laminarias, group A: 56%
Laminarias, group B: 40%

Key benefits of DILAPAN-S® (more information)

Recommended size and number of dilators:

  • Preparation of the cervix prior to hysteroscopy or termination of pregnancy / missed abortion under 12 weeks of gestation:
    • Usually 1 piece
    • DILAPAN- S® 3x55mm or 4x55mm
  • Preparation of the cervix prior to the termination of pregnancy in later stage (2nd trimester):
    • Usually, 2-3 pieces are used, however, it is possible to use more dilators if they can be inserted without major resistance (3-5) and leave 12 hours in situ
    • DILAPAN-S® 4x65mm

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