Key Benefits

Key benefits of Dilapan–S® in preinduction of labor:

  • Significant increase in cervical ripening and Bishop Score, which allows for the initiation of labor induction
  • Minimal risk of uterine hyperstimulation and impact on the fetal heart rate
  • Effective and safe for women with Caesarian section in medical history
  • No pharmacological side effects
  • Gradual and predictable efficacy due to its mode of action
  • Very high patient acceptability
  • Accentuates the physiological processes of labor
  • Effectiveness in nursing time due to its one-time application (prostaglandins usually require multiple administrations)
  • Patented hydrogel ensures higher efficacy and predictability of effect in comparison to laminaria
  • Certified production and non-porous synthetic material ensure higher safety in comparison to laminaria
  • Cost-effectiveness in comparison to other methods
  • Easy application

Key benefits of Dilapan–S® in cervical preparation prior to the termination of pregnancy:

  • Gradual atraumatic dilation
    • Significantly reduces the risk of cervical injury and suture repair
    • Preserves full functionality of the cervix for future pregnancy
      Microtrauma provoked by ungentle or major instrumental dilation damage (especially with women who have not delivered yet or have undergone repeated dilations) the closing functionality of the cervix that results in its incompetence for the future pregnancies
  • No pharmacological side effects
  • Minimising risk of uncontrolled abortions, e.g. during the night
  • The greatest cervical dilation in the shortest timeframe of any osmotic dilators
  • DILAPAN-S is preferable to laminaria for same day D&E procedure in 2nd trimester
  • Very high patient acceptability

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