16 February 2023

DILAPAN-S presented at SMFM 2023 Annual Pregnancy Meeting

Exciting news from the SMFM 43rd Annual Pregnancy Meeting in San Francisco (US, 6-11 Feb 2023)! Two new posters on DILAPAN-S were presented, providing fresh insights into this innovative cervical ripening agent. If you are curious about DILAPAN-S and want to learn more, be sure to read both posters and discover the latest research findings.


1/ Saad AF et al.: Effect of hygroscopic dilator versus Foley balloon on cesarean delivery rates: A Bayesian analysis

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajog.2022.11.203

Secondary analysis of randomized clinical trial DILAFOL tested a hypothesis that DILAPAN-S is superior to Foley ballon. The conclusion says that „DILAPAN-S has a high probability of decreasing cesarean rates in patients undergoing pre-induction cervical ripening compared with Foley balloon. Depending on price differences, the savings from a lower cesarean and improved patient satisfaction may make DILAPAN-S a suitable alternative to Foley.“

For more information, check the link above or the poster.

2/ Avritscher EBC et al.: Economic evaluation of outpatient vs. Inpatient cervical ripening using DILAPAN-S prior to induction of labor.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajog.2022.11.1067

A secondary economic evaluation of randomized clinical trial HOMECARE compared health system costs of outpatient to inpatient DILAPAN-S cervical ripening with a conclusion that „Outpatient cervical ripening with synthetic osmotic cervical dilators leads to significant cost savings.“

For more information, check the link above or the poster.

We are proud that these data support recently released clinical evidence confirming DILAPAN-S to be an effective cervical ripening agent offering hospitals budget savings worldwide.

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