6 March 2023

A Midwife’s Perspective: Katie MacDonald Shares Her Experience with DILAPAN-S Induction of Labour

We are excited to present this 10-minute video featuring UK midwife Katie MacDonald from Kingston Maternity Unit, discussing their clinical experience using DILAPAN-S for midwife-led induction of labour. In this video, Katie shares insights on the first trial, the results of larger-scale implementation, the impact on the hospital budget, and the potential opportunities when using DILAPAN-S for outpatient induction of labour. Additionally, she discusses the challenges experienced while implementing DILAPAN-S into their clinical practice and how they overcame them. DILAPAN-S has been proven to be safe, effective, and cost-efficient.


Watch to discover how DILAPAN-S can improve maternal comfort, incur cost savings, and improve the IOL pathway.

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