Methods of cervical ripening

Dilapan-S® osmotic dilator

Female hand with dilapan-s

This is a small rod, made from synthetic hydrogel, which is inserted through your vagina and inside your cervix.

The rods do not contain any pharmacological substances, so there is not a risk of your baby’s heartbeat being influenced or your womb being hyperstimulated during the ripening process.

Your doctor or midwife will insert up to 5 rods to help your cervix to soften, open and become ripened.

Once the rods are in place, the moisture from your cervix will cause the rods to expand, causing the cervix to ripen.

You will not feel the rods in place and nothing will hang out of your vagina, or being taped to your thigh.

You will be able to rest, sleep, stand up, walk, take a shower and perform your normal daily activities.

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Ask your doctor about Dilapan-S®

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