What is cervical ripening

Uterine contractions during cervical ripening

Cervical ripening often begins days or weeks before labour and many women may not even know it is happening, however it is not uncommon to experience very mild cramps, similar to menstrual cramps, while your cervix is ripening. 

Only after the cervix being ripened, the uterine contractions, that are pushing your baby out of your womb, are desired, otherwise you will be pushing your baby against the "closed door".

Uterine contractions are usually stronger, when medical methods like prostaglandins are used for labour induction. With usage of Dilapan-S, only about 25% of women are experiencing uterine contractions, reffering them to be like a menstruation cramps.*

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* Prof. Janesh Gupta, MSc, MD, International observational E-registry on the use of Dilapan–S® for cervical ripening prior to labour induction, EJOG, 2019

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