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What is induction of labour?

What is induction of labour?

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"Labour induction" or "inducing labour" — is the procedure, when the uterine contractions are stimulated during your pregnancy before labor begins naturally to achieve a vaginal delivery of your baby.

Your clinician might recommend labour induction for different reasons, especially when there is a concern for mom's or baby's health, for example; if you are past your due date, you have high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, obesity etc.

A very important factor in predicting the likelihood of a successful labour induction is how soft and opened your cervix is (cervical ripening). During pregnancy, the cervix is usually firm and stiff enough to help hold your baby in the uterus. But in the final days before delivery, the cervix starts to soften and open up to get ready for labour.
The benefits of labour induction usually outweigh the risks. If you're pregnant and need labour induction, understanding why and how labour induction will be done can help you to prepare.

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