What is induction of labour

The risks of labour induction

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Induction of labour is typically a safe procedure, however, there can be complications.  If there are too many contractions, or they are not under control, this can cause changes to the baby’s heart rate or cause your womb to be hyperstimulated. Uterus hyperstimulation is more dangerous if you have had a previous Cesarean section.

These risks are often connected with usage of medications containing prostaglandins. To ensure your and your baby’s safety, in case of any side effects, you will be monitored with an electronic fetal monitoring, which will help to assess how your baby is dealing with the stress of labour and allows your doctor or midwife to take steps to protect both of you.

Mechanical methods for labour induction, such as balloons or osmotic dilators (Dilapan-S®) have not been connected with these risks during the induction procedure.

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