Why to choose Dilapan-S®

Unique combination of efficacy, safety and mom’s satisfaction – that is Dilapan-S® in labour induction

Dilapan-S® - ideal for your birth

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Dilapan-S® is a synthetic mechanical dilator and it offers a unique combination of features, which you may find more acceptable and comfortable during the cervical ripening phase.

Dilapan-S® rods will be placed through your vagina and inside your cervix by your doctor or midwife.  Usually 3-5 rods are placed.

Over approximately the next 12−24 hours the Dilapan-S® rods will stay inside your cervix. But do not worry, you will not feel the rods inside you and you will be able to sleep, relax, walk, take a shower and perform your normal daily activities.

Only taking a bath and sexual intercourse have to be avoided while rods are in place.

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Ask your doctor about Dilapan-S®

Interested in Dilapan-S®? Download a leaflet with product information and show it to your doctor!