Why to choose Dilapan-S®

Unique combination of efficacy, safety and mom’s satisfaction – that is Dilapan-S® in labour induction

Benefits of Dilapan-S®



Dilapan-S® is very safe for both you and your baby. There is no evidence that has shown Dilapan-S® to have any effect on your baby’s heartbeat during the cervical ripening process. It is so safe, fetal monitoring is not required, commonly it might be performed only for a short period just before and after the rods are inserted. 
Usage of Dilapan-S® rods does not cause your womb to be hyperstimulated, which means also women that have had a Cesarean section in the past can experience vaginal birth with using Dilapan-S® for their cervical ripening.
Various studies have shown minimal risk of infectious complications for you or your baby, connected to the use of Dilapan-S®.



Dilapan-S® is a very effective method for your labour induction. Studies have shown that use of Dilapan-S® led to successful cervical ripening in more than 90%!
It is also very likely that your labour will be natural after induction with Dilapan-S®. More than 70% of women, that underwent the procedure with Dilapan-S® rods had vaginal delivery.
We know some of you might have problems during the pregnancy – high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), gestational diabetes, systemic diseases or have had a Cesarean section in the past – no need to worry!

Dilapan-S® can be used for all groups of women – low risk, high risk and also women after Cesarean section! The only contraindication is apparent genital tract infection.

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Research has found Dilapan-S® to be better than other forms of mechanical dilators for mother’s satisfaction during induction of labour procedure. 

About 94% of women find the placement of the Dilapan-S® rods very acceptable, few women felt mild uterine cramping while rods in place.

Most women were able to continue their normal actives. They were able to walk, relax, sleep, take a shower etc., while the dilation of the cervix was happening.

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Ask your doctor about Dilapan-S®

Interested in Dilapan-S®? Download a leaflet with product information and show it to your doctor!