Why to choose Dilapan-S®

Unique combination of efficacy, safety and mom’s satisfaction – that is Dilapan-S® in labor induction

How do Dilapan-S® rods work

While in place, Dilapan-S® rods will work in several ways. 

The main function of the dilator is to absorb the fluid from your cervical canal. This causes the rods to swell and dehydrate the cells of the cervix.  This dehydration will cause the cells to soften and become flexible. The swelling of the rods will push the pressure against the walls of your cervix, helping it to open gradually and make you ready for the labor. This process will also stimulate your body to release your own natural prostaglandins hormones.

These are all the key steps required to ripen your cervix and prepare it for a successful induction of labor.

Dilapan-S, insertion in womb

Here you can see Dilapan-S® inserted in your cervix to help it to sof- ten, open and get ready for the delivery.

Ikona, question mark

Ask your doctor about Dilapan-S®

Interested in Dilapan-S®? Download a leaflet with product information and show it to your doctor!