Your cervix during labour

Active Labour (3−7cm dilated)

Pregnant woman

During this phase of labour the contractions will become stronger and more consistent and predictable. 

At this time, your cervix is completing softening and shortening process and continues to open gradually.

Remember to frequently change positions, stay hydrated, walk (if possible) and use the restroom.

It is not uncommon to have some mild bloody discharge, called “show“ througout the active phase of labour. 

What to expect during active labour phase


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Active labour will last about 3 - 5 hours

Your cervix will dilate from 3 - 7 cm

Contractions during this phase will last about 45 - 60 secondswith 3 - 5 minutes rest in between

Contractions will feel stronger and longer

This is usually the time to head to the hospital or birth center

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