Dilapan-S launched in Brazil!

Early 2019 MEDICEM and Brazilian company MEDIKA signed a new partnership agreement for exclusive distribution and promotion of Dilapan-S in Brazil.

November 13 – 16, Dilapan-S was officialy introduced to healthcare professionals during the national congress of CBGO in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Brazilian market specifics

Brazil is with its 210 million people 5th biggest country in the world by population (and also 5th largest by its area). There have been over 3 million births in 2018 in more than 3400 maternity hospitals and clinics.
“Unfortunately, Brazil also holds one not very pleasing record.
Official part of C-section rate is reaching 56% !”

Therefore, introducing Dilapan S is for both companies not only a commercial challenge but also the real social mission to improve health risks for moms and newborns by reducing unnecessary C-sections procedures.



Twins born after pre-induction with Dilapan-S in hospital in Saõ Paulo by Dr. Alexandre Noziaki
Dilapan-S baby in hospital in Recife, born by Dr. Elias Melo
Pilot studies in Brazil are running!

Recently, 7 pilot studies are running in 7 hospital centres across the country.
The results are so far very promising!
 Great acceptance and satisfaction, both by doctors and patients.

BIG THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE MEDICAL TEAM and we hope to share the amazing results from Brazil very soon!