Induction of labour

Induction of labour

“In the absence of a ripe or favourable cervix, a successful vaginal birth is less likely. Therefore, cervical ripening is necessary before labour induction is initiated.”

Your baby’s journey to this world starts with your relaxed and open cervix. During pregnancy, it plays the role of protecting your baby in your womb. For labour to begin, your cervix needs to be ready. If it is not, all the pushing in the world would not help your baby come out. Your doctor/midwife will speak about “cervical ripening”.

DILAPAN-S is a non-pharmacological way of cervical ripening. It is also called “cervical dilator”. Made of specially designed material that uses your body´s naturally occurring fluid to gently expand usually within 12-15 hours. This promotes your cervix to be soft, stretchy and open.

During this exciting time, when you are about to see your baby, you will be able to rest, sleep, stand up, walk, take a shower and perform your normal daily activities. Only taking a bath and having sexual intercourse have to be avoided.

After your cervix is open, you will be ready for the next step.
This is when regular labour contractions will begin to help push your baby out.

Why would you ask to be induced with DILAPAN-S?

  • Promotes successful natural birth
  • Doesn’t contain drugs or medications
  • Offers one of the most gentle cervical ripening
  • Perfectly suited to the homebased ripening
  • Trusted by expectant mums and doctors around the world


Nowadays induction is a common procedure.

1 in 3 pregnant women is induced.

Most induced mums report high satisfaction with DILAPAN-S cervical ripening.

DILAPAN-S is perfectly suited to homebased use as it does not contain any pharmacological agent.

More than 7 in 10 women have vaginal birth after DILAPAN-S.

More than 70% of women have vaginal births after Dilapan-S®

Information leaflet

Download an expectant mother information leaflet here to discuss with your clinician.


Induction of Labour
What users say:

“It’s basically like a tampon that expands inside your cervix to dilate it.”

“They sent my ass home with these things in me lol.”

“Very long boring day though so take entertainment!”

“No pharmacological active substances.”

“A majority of patients can perform daily routine, relax and sleep.”

“It increases options to use for patients seeking a natural alternative.”

“Big positive.”

“No hospital setting. Possibility to treat mothers as outpatients.”

“Breaking habitual choice!”

“It solves the issue of uterine tachysystole.”

“I had no side effects.”