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High success rate of cervical ripening with Dilapan-S®

International observational E-registry Study was monitoring clinical outcomes of the use of the synthetic osmotic dilator Dilapan–S® for cervical ripening prior to induction of labour.

444 eligible subjects were enrolled in 11 study sites worldwide.

Graph, Multiparas, Previous C.section, Nulliparas

The study contained nulliparas, multiparas, as well as mothers with previous C. section.

Efficacy Outcomes of Dilapan-S®

Mean gain of Bishop score      + 3,6

Cervical ripening achieved in  94,4 %

Rate of vaginal delivery            70 %*

* vaginal delivery rate varied between 51-83% depending on study center

Graph Consistent gain in Bishop score, Dilapan-S

The use of Dilapan-S® leads to succesful cervical ripening in almost 95% of women

High vaginal delivery rate with Dilapan-S®

A randomized controlled trial of Dilapan-S® versus Foley Balloon – called DILAFOL Trial, was monitoring efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction parameters for usage of Dilapan-S® in labour induction.

419 women were randomized from November 2016 to February 2018 in University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA



Graph, Dilapan-S and Foley balloon

Both products reached excellent rate of successful ripening

% of women needed another intervention for ripening was only 1,5% in Dilapan-S group and 0,5% in Foley group,resp.




Graph, Dilapan-S, Foley balloon


Graph, Dilapan-S, Folley ballon

The use of Dilapan–S® leads to vaginal delivery in more than 81% of cases

No limitation related to mother’s gestational age or comorbidities with Dilapan-S®

In multiple studies, Dilapan-S® was used also for high-risk groups of patients with no related complications or side effects.

Many of these complications represent relative contraindications for usage of prostaglandines.

  • Postterm pregnancies
  • IUGR
  • Preeclampsia
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Previous Cesarean section
Ikona, dilepan-S

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