Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces of DILAPAN-S® should be used?

Instruction for use recommends to use as many pieces as can be inserted without strong resistance. From clinical practice we know that generally 4-5 pieces are recommended.

For how long should DILAPAN-S® be inserted?

It depends on initial status of the cervix and on further factors influencing the cervical ripening process. Usually dilators are placed for period around 10-12 hours. DILAPAN-S® should not be left in situ for more than 24 hours. DILAPAN-S® does not only dilate the cervix; reversible partial dehydration of the cells supports tissue softening and mechanical pressure initiates releasing of endogenous prostaglandins. These additional factors promote further natural cervical ripening.

Is it necessary to monitor CTG during the cervical ripening process?

CTG monitoring is not mandatory during the use of DILAPAN-S®. Clinical evidence has confirmed that the use of the product is not connected with a danger of excessive uterine contractions or with uterine hyperactivity, resulting in fetal distress, so the product offers significant safety benefit.

Can DILAPAN-S® be used for labour induction in women with a history of previous Cesarean section (CS)?

YES, DILAPAN-S® can be used in this indication. Because it has no pharmacological content, the process of cervical ripening is gentle and gradual and it does not cause uterine hyperactivity or fetal distress. Therefore DILAPAN-S® represents an optimal candidate for induction of labour for women with previous Cesarean section in medical history. Dr Maier's study from 2017, evaluating labour induction with unfavorable cervix after a Cesarean section with DILAPAN-S®, contained 96 women after Cesarean section. The cervical ripening successful rate (defined as increasing of Bishop score enabling induction of labour) in subgroup of patients with previous Caesarean section in medical history was 83% and vaginal delivery rate went up to 65%. Therefore, DILAPAN-S® was evaluated as effective and safe in this subgroup of patients.

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