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Videos from Satellite Symposium at RCOG Congress ONLINE!

We are happy to announce that DILAPAN-S aroused great interest across participants of the RCOG 2019 World Congress,  which took place in London, UK in June 2019! The more, over 150 attendees had a chance to discuss topics related to current challenges in labor induction with our international speakers on the Satellite Symposium called „DILAPAN-S, a new...


We want to keep up with the trends and make the website fresh, live and interactive to help you to understand not only mechanical osmotic dilator Dilapan-S® better, but also to help you find answers for your questions, regarding labour induction and cervical ripening! It is my pleasure to announce, that website is now ready and we are very...

Koncerence Las vegas Dilapan

SMFM’s 39th Annual Pregnancy Meeting

11.2. 2019 – 16.2. 2019Las Vegas, Nevada, USA DILAPAN-S, Booth #114. Meet with medical colleagues and discuss a new option for cervical ripening. Hands-on demonstrations available.