18 July 2023

The UK OBS field discovers DILAPAN-S for labour induction

More and more maternity units are experiencing the difference DILAPAN-S is making to induction of labour protocols and outcomes across the UK. We are excited to see the number of independent evaluations, studies, and audit analyses of DILAPAN-S growing every week. At this year’s RCOG congress, four UK trusts independently presented their DILAPAN-S clinical outcomes. MEDICEM would like to thank these maternity units for placing their trust in DILAPAN-S. We very much look forward to seeing how the working lives of their staff, the outcomes for their patients, and life on their unit may change in the future as a result.


Many UK hospitals using DILAPAN-S have found immense value in the help provided by the DILAPAN-S product specialist midwives, who provide personal assistance with training, implementation, insertion support, data analysis, and more. Contact midwives@aghealth.co.uk to request a visit from your local DILAPAN-S midwife.

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