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About us

Our Company

Medicem is an integrated biomedical company, that is developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative medical devices with focus on safe, effective, gentle and reliable labour induction. Our products provide unique combination of benefits for patients and leverage strong competence and long-term experience with custom-built proprietary hydrogels.

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Dilapan-S® benefits

  • Efficacy
  • Safety
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Cost effectiveness

Dilapan-S® in numbers


years of experience on the market
countries we work in
of vaginal deliveries after Dilapan-S® usage
of women considering insertion of Dilapan-S® as fully acceptable

Our History

The technology behind Medicem products develops on heritage of Otto Wichterle, the inventor of soft contact lenses, and Vladimir Stoy, who expanded the use of hydrogels with specific, built-in properties into multiple applications spanning from medical and cosmetics to automotive and space industries.

Dilapan-S® certificates

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CE Mark

Conformity indicator with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety.
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FDA approved

Certificate of control and supervision of food and drug safety.

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    Our Mission

    We are focusing our efforts on obstetrics & gynecology and engaging in product and clinical development within labour induction. We are determined to enable and empower the new and evolving modern ways of labour induction and make them possible in a manner that is safe, effective, gentle and reliable for mom, child and physician as well as simple and cost-effective for healthcare system payors.

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