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Gentle and comfortable,
yet effective cervical ripening

DILAPAN-S is a small, non-pharmacological cervical dilator, which gradually
helps to make your cervix ready for natural vaginal birth.


Gentle cervical ripening

The gradual, non-pharmacological effect reduces the painfulness of the ripening and decreases the need for analgesics.

Freedom of movement

Reduces the need of continuous monitoring or repeated vaginal examination. Just relax and recharge your batteries for when you need them.

Preferred by mothers

Induced women evaluate DILAPAN-S as superior to other cervical ripening products.

Non-hormonal method

Doesn't contain any drugs, so it is suitable for almost all induced women—a truly natural approach to cervical ripening.

Proven safety profile

Minimises concerns for both you and your baby—your clinician may even offer you outpatient ripening.

Verified by specialists

Trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals in over 
30 countries.

Understanding DILAPAN-S

DILAPAN-S is an osmotic dilator, made from patented hygroscopic gel—now, just bear with us, we know it might not sound exactly cozy

But in reality, the dilator—just a little bigger than a matchstick—will use fluids from your cervical tissue to gently expand, and to soften, thin, and dilate your cervix. Based on the experience of mothers, you will barely feel them in place. See how DILAPAN-S expands over time.

You can carry on with your
day up until the Big Moment

With DILAPAN-S inserted, you can go about your usual business—so sit back, take the best nap of your life, read a book, do some gentle yoga or binge-watch your favourite show.

Simply relax and focus on the coming baby. Depending on your specific situation, your clinician may even send you home with the dilators in place. Just make sure to avoid baths and sexual intercourse.

What users say about DILAPAN-S?

Trusted by expectant mothers and doctors around the world.

Rods were inserted into my cervix at 5pm, I had mild contractions all night in the hospital ward but managed to sleep. At 5am doctors removed the rods to find I was successfully 4cm dilated.
source: - not verified
5 rods of dilapan were inserted into my cervix on January 4th at 12pm. DILAPAN-S was inserted using a speculum similar to a smear test. It was a little uncomfortable but I didn't need any pain relief and once it was in you couldn't feel it. I went to the toilet as normal and was told it would stay in me for 12-15 hours to help soften the cervix. During this time I was having minor contractions which felt like mild period pains.(…) All in all it's probably been the best labour out of all 3 of my children.
source: - not verified
This is basically a natural way to dilate you. I couldn't find any stories about using DILAPAN-S, so I had no idea what to expect. All the induction stories that I have seen online and heard people talk about I was scared because people say that an induction can go on for days and days. But the DILAPAN-S? I would get again.
source: - verified
Basically, they are little rods that expand. So, they put these rods up inside you, and through osmosis, they expand. There are no hormones involved in the process and that means you can go home, whereas with the things like gels and pessaries, they are all hormone based. So, there is the risk of your cervix spasming and contracting, and that can lead to a really fast labour. There is much less risk.
source: - verified
…(with inserted DILAPAN-S) they go for a walk with their partner, they get in on the birthing ball, they're doing all those really positive things that are actually going to encourage labour rather than be stuck on a bed strapped to a monitor…
Healthcare Professional, Lead Midwife, Cardiff UK
- verified

Our women like that it’s in for a shorter period of time, there’s less risk for their baby as there’s no drugs or hormones that might cause hyperstimulation, they like the non-pharmacological option.
Healthcare Professional, Midwife, Nottingham, UK
- not verified

DILAPAN-S is a wonderful addition to our (IOL) options.
Healthcare Professional, Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Calderdale, UK
- not verified

We were getting many complaints about how painful the induction process was with [a commonly used induction method, ed. note] and I'm pleased to say we saw DILAPAN-S exceed all of the expectations with a more comfortable night's sleep and a more comfortable insertion.
Healthcare Professional, Midwifery Sister, London UK
- verified

94% of women would recommend having DILAPAN-S to a friend who had also need an induction.
Healthcare Professional, Midwifery Sister, London UK
- verified

Probably the main change (after implementing DILAPAN-S) has been the comfort of the women on the ward, women are a lot better at mobilizing, also when they need to rest they can rest, reduction in our analgesia usage…
Healthcare Professional, Lead Midwife, Cardiff UK
- verified

I've been around through a lot of inducing procedures in my time, but I must say that the DILAPAN-S that we've been using recently in the last three years has actually changed our practice quite a lot. We've expanded the number of induction of labours for us in outpatients from 2% to about 35%.
Healthcare Professional, Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Essex, UK
- verified

We particularly like using (DILAPAN-S) on high risk women and especially those with IUGR, small babies, GDM and VBACS because it does give us more control than prostaglandins.
Healthcare Professional, Matron at Royal Surrey, UK
- verified

We’re new to DILAPAN-S but we’ve seen really good results particularly in our primips. We’ve noticed improved patient flow, reduced time for induction, and freeing up more midwives since we’re not using [a commonly used induction method, ed. note], we’re not seeing women struggling with the pains and needing more attention.
Healthcare Professional, Midwife, North Cumbria, UK
- not verified

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How to ask for DILAPAN-S?

We understand that the induction process may seem challenging to navigate—but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider about all the possibilities, so you can feel confident in your choices. You can use our guide to make it easier.

1.Can you please describe my induction step by step?

2.Is my cervix open enough or should I undergo cervical ripening first?

3.If I do need a cervical ripening first, what are my options? And what are their pros and cons?

4.Are there options officially approved for my case?

5.Is outpatient cervical ripening an option for me?

6.Is DILAPAN-S suitable for me?


patient brochure

Learn about the insertion process and what to expect during cervical ripening with DILAPAN-S.

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