"It seems like the most natural method because it doesn't contain pharmacological substances."

Some say if you don’t want any medication to induce the labour, sex or red raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapples, spicy food, stretches, bouncing on the ball, yoga, nipple stimulation, treadmill incline walking, Zumba class might help you.

Before you choose your preferences, we would recommend you discuss the mode of labour induction with your clinician.
With DILAPAN-S you might find a natural way of labour induction that keeps your baby out of excessive stress and raises your satisfaction with induction procedure.


What users say:

“It’s basically like a tampon that expands inside your cervix to dilate it.”

“They sent my ass home with these things in me lol.”

“Very long boring day though so take entertainment!”

“No pharmacological active substances.”

“A majority of patients can perform daily routine, relax and sleep.”

“It increases options to use for patients seeking a natural alternative.”

“Big positive.”

“No hospital setting. Possibility to treat mothers as outpatients.”

“Breaking habitual choice!”

“It solves the issue of uterine tachysystole.”

“I had no side effects.”


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Discover a non-pharmacological approach to labour induction.


Frequently Asked Questions related to DILAPAN-S and labour induction.

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