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Webinar: Kettering Hospital´s IOL success

Webinar: Kettering Hospital´s IOL success

Explore the success story of labor induction at Kettering Hospital in the webinar: ‘Transforming IOL Outcomes with Audit Data.’ Watch the video here.

Sharing experience from peer to peer

Join Phoebe Langer and Katie Longdon as they share their experience implementing DILAPAN-S, chosen after a careful comparison with the balloon catheter and dinoprostone vaginal insert. With satisfying results, DILAPAN-S became their frontline method in 2020.

Discover how they leverage audit data for continuous improvement, support staff with DILAPAN-S, and outline future plans for IOL.

The webinar link is available here. We cordially invite you to join this insightful session and feel free to share it with people who might also be interested.

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