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Studies & Research

Economic evaluation of HOMECARE trial

DILAPAN-S international registry

DILAFOL trial; DILAPAN-S vs balloon catheter

DILAPAN-S use in women with PROM

DILAPAN-S cervical ripening after previous C. section

DILAPAN-S outpatient ripening

SOLVE trial; DILAPAN-S vs dinoprostone vaginal insert

UK economic evaluation; DILAPAN-S vs dinoprostone

DILAPAN-S evidence-based review

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Navigating DILAPAN-S usage​

Learn about DILAPAN-S mode of action, its functionality, and how it integrates into labour induction protocols for effective outcomes.

What are the main benefits of the product?

DILAPAN-S offers a mechanical mode of action that provides multiple benefits, ranging from safety and efficacy to superior maternal satisfaction.

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