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Transform cervical
ripening with DILAPAN-S

Explore how DILAPAN-S redefines labour induction with its multi-action approach to cervical ripening.


DILAPAN-S is a synthetic osmotic cervical dilator made from patented hydrogel which expands to several times its original diameter through absorption of moisture from the cervical tissue.

A single dilator can expand up to 15 mm over a 12–24 hour period. Usually 4–5 dilators are inserted to safely and predictably ripen the cervix.

Approximately 80% of rod expansion occurs within the first 4–6 hours after insertion.

DILAPAN-S is designed to ripen
the cervix in three ways

A non-pharmacological cervical ripening with unique modes of action


Osmotic dehydratation of the cervix → softening and change in consistency of tissue


Expanding dilators exert radial pressure against the wall of cervical canal → gradual dilatation of the cervix


Continuous pressure stimulates the release of endogenous prostaglandins → effacement of the cervix

The cervix gradually and predictably softens and dilates, preparing the mother for the next step in induction of labour

After the removal of DILAPAN-S, the ripe cervix may appear less effaced than with other protocols, but will be notably soft, stretchy and dilated.

The pressure of the fetal head on the stretchy, softened cervical tissue will support further effacement and dilation.

Example of optimised ripening algorithm with DILAPAN-S

Embrace efficiency in labour induction with our optimized DILAPAN-S ripening algorithm. Tailored to enhance patient experience and clinical outcomes, this step-by-step guide ensures a smooth and effective ripening process. Please note the clinical protocol after successful cervical ripening varies among maternity units and regions.


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DILAPAN-S Technical facts

DILAPAN-S is available in boxes of 10 or 25 pieces

Dimensions available:

Please download the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information.

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Please download the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information.

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What are the main benefits of the product?

DILAPAN-S offers a mechanical mode of action that provides multiple benefits, ranging from safety and efficacy to superior maternal satisfaction.

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